Let James Gunn direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3 again.

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James Gunn was recently removed from the directorial position of Guardians of the Galaxy  3 in what is an obvious political move from some guy named Jack Posobiec, some right wing conservative who obviously has never made a bad joke in his life. Jack posted some screenshots of tweets made about 10 years ago with some dark humor posted by Gunn and rallied his “fans” to start up a controversy. Because of this Disney has removed Gunn from the movie. 

As fans of Gunn and what he has done with the franchise we want him reinstated. We want Disney to know, that we don’t care about some jokes somebody made a long time ago. We remember that edgy comedy was a thing back then, and it is okay for comedians to say things on a stage but apparently not for the director’s of comedy movies to tweet? This is a double standard that we can’t abide. 

Disney needs to know we want Gunn back and we forgive him for a few bad jokes.