Free Tralee Bay of Plastic Pollution

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Plastics have entered the world's oceans and marine environments for many years now. Recent trends show that we are in the midst of a plastic tide that has permeated almost every corner of the world. From a recent walk amongst the wading birds of Tralee Bay, it appears that our town is no different in its contribution to the plastic crisis. Years of rubbish and plastic waste have collected in our designated Special Area of Conservation causing untold damage to our oceans and impacting on the health of our own ecosystems here. This is a call to the county council and locals alike. A major clean up operation is required here in Tralee Bay. The access to the most polluted location is restricted and requires council support to haul the huge quantity of rubbish away. To the locals who cherish the beauty of Tralee Bay, you can make a difference too. Every walk is an opportunity to take away another piece of litter from the environment however small. It is time to reverse the trend and start making a positive effect. The days of turning a blind eye are gone.  

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