More Time For Kids to Eat & Play

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The Board of Education has decided to take 10mins away from the elementary school students lunch/recess time, for the coming school year. Going from 40mins to 30mins. That would give them only 15mins to eat and 15mins to play, out of a 6hr day. 15mins is such a short time for kids to be able to eat and talk to their friends. Then to be able to run around and release energy on the playground for only 15mins, in such a long day, just isnt enough. Our kids are told to be quiet and not talk all day long, don’t run, use your walking feet. Lunch time is when they can release their pent up energy and be ready to learn for the second half of the day. Help us give our kids a few more minutes to eat and run around so that they can sit still and concentrate for the rest of the day!!