Compost Drop-Off location at Bloomingdale Farmers Market

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Bloomingdale and nearby neighborhoods residents are here petitioning a composting DROP-OFF location to be provided while the Bloomingdale's Farmer's Market is running. Ideally, at least a compost drop-off pilot program for the last two months of our market 2019 season.  

Zero Waste DC's composting drop-off locations provide a practical and valuable solution to DC residents without home composting capabilities. DC residents are able to take their organic waste once a week to their nearest drop-off location.

This is a tiny, yet proven successful steps to reduce the woeful amount of food waste, that collectively as a city we produce daily. More importantly, it is a crucial education station that becomes a strategic component and milestone for our Sustainable DC 2.0 plan. 

We think we would collect and recover at least one ton of composting material during the very first 8 weeks of the pilot or the program kick-off. 

Please sign the petition and help us show:

1. Ted McGinn, our Senior Manager of Bloomingdale Farmers Market

2. Annie White, our DPW’s Manager of the Office of Waste Diversion

3. Christopher Geldart, our  Director of the Department of Public Works 

4.  Kenyan R. McDuffie our Council member for Ward 5 AND

5. Muriel Bowser our elected Mayor and all other council members our interest and commitment to have this city truly Bloom!

Let demonstrate that we care about our organic waste outputs, our household carbon footprint, but maybe you do not have space or suitable conditions in your home for composting and want to drop-off at Bloomingdale's Farmer's Market.

Or that perhaps you already participate in this program wish you could reduce your commute to your closest location.

Or that you have been spreading the compost love among your neighbors, and they may be willing to collect their compost but not to process their organic waste at their homes.                           

Thank you for helping us by signing and sharing this petition so we can take one very necessary steps to do our part for the city, and for our region's soil's health.