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Boycott and end the Kentucky Derby and its cruelty

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The Kentucky Derby is possibly the most popular horse race in the world. Millions of spectators, in the crowds and watching from televisions, love to watch the famous two minutes of excitement and tension. 

But let's take it behind the scenes. 

"I don't want to see two-year-olds that haven't even run yet be euthanized in a dirt pit at the back of a racetrack because somebody trained them too hard, medicated them too much, pushed them too far." Kate Papp, DVM, Racehorse Veterinarian.

This quote explains exactly what happens all too frequently throughout the United States when young racehorses can no longer work at the fault of humans.  

You might notice while watching the winner of the Kentucky Derby celebrate, they rarely even pat their horses, let alone give any credit to the animal that's responsible for the entire feat. Jockeys rarely see their horses as the living, breathing animals they are, and more as moving dollar signs.

Ignoring a common injury in an overworked or poorly conditioned horse, such as a strained suspensory ligament, is cruel and painful to the animal. In the horse racing industry, however, its common practice not to bother when horses crack hooves, break bones, and loose teeth. Many if not most of the horses on the track are drugged up on anesthetics just to keep them going. Time and time again, horses are pushed to the point of stumbling over their feet and suffering sometimes-lethal falls. 

Racetracks often have soft dust as footing, and horses are raced rain or shine, inviting sore hooves, strained ligaments, pulled tendons, cracked hooves, and bone-breaking falls, yet the jockeys do not care. 

If a racehorse is deemed to weak or injured or old to race, more often than not they're sent to the slaughterhouse. That's what the spectators never know - that behind the flashy costumes and impeccably groomed horse, their are equines being run until their bones break, then sent to be killed. 

Just know that underneath the shiny fur, fancy fly bonnet, and glossy tail, there is a suffering animal, trapped beneath an indifferent human, pleading for you to realize that he is living out a miserable life, and waiting for a premature death. 

Stop spending money to see this cruel practice. Boycott the Kentucky Derby and races like it, to end the terrible injustice. 

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