Lights for Amanda and Alyssa

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  This petition is for the need of 4 way traffic and pedestrian signals at the intersection of N.E. 30th Ave and N.E.14th Street in Ocala Florida. My 15 year old loving daughter Amanda Lopez and her beautiful friend Alyssa Comstock age 17 were killed in a car accident on December 15th 2017 at that intersection when a semi truck struck the vehicle they were traveling in. Our community has full knowledge of how dangerous this corner is. I myself have witnessed a semi truck drive into a gentleman's home at the Magnolia Trace apartments some time ago. There have been numerous accidents throughout the years because of the lack of traffic control at this intersection. The lack of control over high speed vehicles in this vicinity has motorist as well as pedestrians in our community afraid to travel in that direction. The People are afraid and now innocent lives have perished. 

  What needs to happen is for the community to come together and formally request through this petition that our fair city immediately begin on construction on a traffic signal at this treacherous crossroad. If nothing is done now, Amanda and Alyssa's live will not be the last lives lost.

  We have a wonderful community which has been torn apart by this loss. Please sign this petition and reach out to the leaders of our community so we can prevent this from happening again.