Install Speed Bumps & Slow Down the Traffic in Deal

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Last Thursday our cat Milo was hit by a speeding car. He suffered a broken jaw and palette. The driver did not stop and carelessly drove off despite knowing what they had done. Unable to get up, Milo laid lifelessly on the road. Fortunately a lady walking her huskies witnessed the incident and hurried over to his rescue. Had it not been for this good Samaritan who picked him up of the road and brought him to our door, Milo would likely have been run over by another car and killed instantly. I would like to know how the driver would feel if this had been their cat/dog/child. I am sure they know who they are and I hope that kalma will greet them in the near future.

Only last year our other cat Oreo was also hit by a speeding car and suffered a smashed pelvis, broken leg and cracked hip. He has now just about recovered but is only now re-gaining his confidence to go outside again.

Walmer is a residential part of Deal and there is no excuse for speeding along a road at 60mph with parked cars either side.
Bad driving in Deal has been complained about on these facebook groups for as long as I can remember and the problem appears to be getting even worse. Children, cats and dogs should all be able to cross the road without such a high risk of getting hit.

You can help make this happen by helping us raise money to pay for speed bumps to be installed
and signing the petition.

Thank you all very much in advance for your donations.