Bring back our Crosswalk at 244th and Military (Kent, WA)

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On June 20th 2016, The city of Kent decided it was going to take away a crosswalk across a very busy road, that all kinds of people use to get their kids to school, to get to the bus stop across the road, to get to the minimart and daycare on the other side of the street, to take their dogs to the field to get exercise, and all other sorts of things. 
This decision was made, although it was unknown to most of the people living around the area. They finally took our cross walk about a month ago, and all sorts of people have now been crossing a very busy road, illegally, where our crosswalk used to be. 
Kent sited their reasons for taking our crosswalk as there being too many cars that come through there, not enough people that cross, And the "upkeep of the crosswalk being too expensive" (Even though it would have cost virtually nothing to leave paint on the road. They actually paid some guys to come remove the paint. Which I'd assume costs money)
This petition is to convince the City of Kent to restore our cross walk, And to put in push-button crossing lights, since they're so concerned about the safety of people crossing there.

We need this crosswalk, for the safety of everyone who has to ride the bus, and anyone who wants to enjoy the giant grass field. The field is very popular with pet owners, and with children, especially when it snows.