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Fellow Virgin Islanders....THE STRUGGLE IS REAL..WAPA continues to take the current whenever they want, for as long as they want.. rain or not..!! I for one am tired...some of us out her do not have jobs because now a days it's WHO YOU KNOW...we depending on the government to make it through another day ...Foodstamp, M.A.P...WICK...Utility checks.....and Jah knows what some of us have to do behind closed doors just to make a dollar. Food getting spoiled cuz fridges getting warm....fuses being blown because current hungry because they parents can't cook NO CURRENT. But then as much as WAPA take the current, every month light bill getting higher, your appliances must now work twice as hard to regenerate its energy pulling extra current. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL y'all....Dangerous things happening now and current being gone for hours does not ease the minds of the people, we are in much more can you take?? How much more can we the people take. We living in poverty while government living lavishly. This is our home and we are not fighting for our rights....WE the people allowing the government to rob us blind and all we do is complain...well it's time to make a change. I don't know about y'all but my pockets empty...THE STRUGGLE IS REAL AND WAPA DONT CARE....THE GOVERNMENT DONT CARE...PLEASE HELP TO SHARE THIS PETITION SO WE CAN MAKE A CHANGE...MAKE A DIFFERENCE...MAKE A LIVING. 

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