Help end violence against Indigenous women!

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Did you know Indigenous women and teenage girls have nearly 7x the chance of being murderd rather than any other skin colour. Their chances to be raped are 3x’s higher. Please help stop the abuse these women and girls go through. We all deserve to be treated the same, no matter what background we come from.

Canada is in need of more emergency/ temporary women’s family shelters, this way women can escape the abuse they are facing at home until they can get back on their feet. The shelters should also provide mentoring and counselling for young women/girls, this way they can be aware of any uncomfortable and unsafe encounter they may have throughout life. Teach them to love and believe in themselves for who they are. Guide them as to what a healthy relationship is supposed to feel like.

In northern British Columbia along the “highway of tears” there are over 50 cases of missing and murdered women. Innocent lives of beautiful young women who were all taken from their family, friends, and communities. Sadly the Canadian government ignored their cases for days/ weeks until it was too late to help and investigate. These women were easy targets and the government let them down time and time again. A great deal of investigative journalism reports the actions and the follow ups leading to healing lodge ceremonies with victims families allowing them to publicly express their emotions and need for change. As individuals we respect their Indigenous ways and right to live in harmony.

We continue to take over their land, homes, lives, and even children. Please help spread awareness as these women and girls deserve so much more than justice.