Safeguard the ocean: It's wildlife, it's coral reefs, and it's flora from pollution.

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Our oceans are severely polluted, with that the earth's health is rapidly declining and as people who live on earth, we should do something to help.

  • Pollution affects sea animals and kills sea life.
  • When the ocean is polluted, the sea animals eat the pollution, making them sick, and then we eat the sea animals, and they can make us sick. 
  • Coral reefs provide a protection, from waves, water, and storms. Pollution and trash kills the coral reefs, eventually the reefs wont be able to protect land, causing more devastation from storms.
  • Ocean pollution introduces nutrients into the ocean that isn't needed, causing the water's chemical levels to be different. That is going to make the ocean and everything in it sick. 

We humans are the only ones that are polluting the ocean and we are the only ones who can stop it.