Expose Fashion Nova: SCAM!!

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This happened to me so I've experienced it firsthand! fashion nova not only was negligent in me not receiving my package but they've done it to hundreds and hundreds of people as well, the more I research the more I find!!  we are getting fed up & they are getting away with this as long as we don't get together and FIGHT for what is OURS! For our hard earned money, and our CLOTHES!  After ordering, being promised "2 day free shipping" then ensues the inevitable runaround of bullshit.   Instead of getting the clothes that we were promised we are getting excuses,  store credits, and mostly (and worst of all) just IGNORED!!!!  This site, having grown popular on instagram (and seen on Kylie Jenner) has a target audience of young girls who love fashion with affordable clothing that keeps up with the trends.  Also the perfect audience to target for a scam they should be ashamed of themselves taking our hard earned money, while giving out a steady stream of free clothes to RICH celebrities.  The celebs are not what's going to keep them in business it is US the customers please let's teach them a lesson and let's all get our money back together!!   karma time!!