No Tar for Plomer Road

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Kempsey Shire Council have decided to seal Point Plomer Road.  This decision was reached very quickly and with no community consultation except for one survey sent to a few residents.  No consultation was undertaken with general community members, no consultation with tourists and, worst of all, no consultation with the local Aboriginal community for whom this area has many cultural sites of great significance.  Council also ignored an agreement that was reached in 2005 between Council, community and the local Dunghutti people not to seal the road. 

We object to the tarring on many grounds and believe Council should reverse their decision and actually listen to the people who use and love this area.

Sign this Petition

* If you object to the tarring of Point Plomer Road as it would diminish the intrinsic values that bring you here in the first place.

* Because the rustic road into this area is an integral part of the unique experience it is to enjoy the beaches, camping areas, National Park and abundant bush setting with its natural flora and fauna.

*If you value Aboriginal Heritage and culture and wish to protest the lack of respect shown by Kempsey Shire Council toward all community stakeholders of this area.

Tarring the road would destroy forever the iconic character of the Point Plomer Road area and environment for visitors, campers, surfers, fishers and locals and threaten ancient Aboriginal sites of great significance.  Please join with us in expressing your concerns!