Stop Gisborne’s Halfway House - 62 Abbott Street.


Stop Gisborne’s Halfway House - 62 Abbott Street.

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Te Hapara Community started this petition to Kelvin Davis

The Community is scared and are put in a vulnerable situation because of The Department of Corrections who are planning to release three ex-prisoners every three months who have committed crimes of the below: 

- Sexual offending

- Pedaphilies 

- Robbery 

- Drug and other offences

- Assult and grievous bodily harm 

These ex-prisoners who would have served a sentence of two or more years in prison, captures how severe to mild the ex-prisoners crimes were, in which they will be released to a house that will not be monitored on a 24/7 basis in our community. 

In our community, we have the below: 

- Early childhood care services less than 50ms away 

- Two retirement facilities that back on to the property 

- Primary schools, secondary schools and three more early childhood services that are nearby 

- Health care facilities nearby 

- Young family home owners and general community members

The solution whilst been understanding to the need of the rehabilitation of exoffenders in to society and communities would be to not release them so close to a sensitive situation where reoffending would be placed at high risk. 

The exoffenders could be placed in to an Iwi owned building in town, such as the old police station (This is owned by Rongowhakata). Which is safe and secure and has plenty of room - which could be refurbished and monitored at the new nearby police station. 

If we do not gather enough support we run the risk of Gisborne and our small Te Harpara community becoming inundated with more drugs, sexual crimes, more gang members, more homeless and more robberies. Gisborne as an overall community is small and we already have enough of this and the Department would like to send exoffenders who are already highly sensitive to a high risk community. 

Please support our communities plea.

The residents of Te Harpara.









This petition made change with 2,522 supporters!