Leave the Freedom Camping Act alone, tighten up waste laws and improve infrastructure

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New Zealanders and our visitors enjoy an amazing outdoors in NZ, let's keep it that way. The government is reviewing laws around Freedom Camping without direct public consultation, and in a working group comprising of mayors and tourism business interests. We expect public consultation in a democracy or there is a possibility we could lose our valuable freedom at the expense of commercial interest or controls. Let's not wait until that happens and express now our wishes.

**LET'S NOT***

*Deny the public input into this. This Act controls where kiwis and our visitors can live work and play. It's not for council or business interests alone to determine these things. Doing so is not democratic and is unconstitutional.

*Control what vehicles can be used to see this environment. People cause environmental dumping pollution not vehicles. At present there are no formal vehicle standards for containment of people under the law. Let's maintain that and keep vehicle standards as they are, under a by-law only (self contained certification). What people do in their vehicles is their business, subject to other laws around safety and hygiene etc. However what people do OUTSIDE their vehicles is of public concern and we wish for those to be better addressed as below.


-Firm up pollution and rubbish laws to apprehend polluters and dumpers of waste on the spot and certainly before they leave the country. Harsher fines for offenders for any polluting or rubbish or negative environmental impact OUTSIDE the vehicle.

- Invest in better infrastructure for public facilities at public places to suit travellers such as water, rubbish, toilets, cleaning and showering amenities. Let's fund that from a new tourist tax as local New Zealanders already pay their first share through taxes and rates that tourists do not directly contribute to.

- Establish a robust system of reporting dumping as a community to minimise dumping and fining offenders.

-continue to ensure councils cannot ban travelling vehicles within their municpality unless there is both good reason and that that reason is for a specific area. Let's continue to ensure that councils cannot blanket ban large areas at all.