Let I.A Hunter Attend College

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    Recently, a girl by the name of I.A Hunter was rescinded from Emory.

    The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of getting rescinded is of someone slacking off in school, but this could not be further from the case. In February of this last year, it was decided she made too much money (at $8 an hour working at Wendy's) to qualify for her state given health insurance. It was promptly shut off. All of the medicine that had been prescribed to her previously skyrocketed in cost. She couldn't afford her depression and anxiety medication, so she stopped taking it. Her doctors were in the process of diagnosing her with hypothyroidism, but she couldn't afford to go to them anymore.

    On top of all this, she suffered abuse in the home she lived (which was not with her parents). Without her anxiety medication the situation felt mindnumbingly worse, but she couldn't call the police because then she'd really be homeless, so she endured all of it.

    She has already spent immense time and effort just getting ready for move in day. She worked as many hours as she could. She begged for money from friends and family. She even sold her plasma for the small amount of money that gave.

    Does this sound like a lazy person?

   She has already shown a drive for learning (and hard work in general), and if she is allowed to attend Emory she will continue to do so, especially as a majority of her issues will then disappear.

    But if Hunter is ultimately rescinded, she will have no place to go, and there is a very high chance she will become homeless.

    If you want Emory to know we stand against their decision and hope they will reconsider, then please sign this petition.