Is our school’s dress code sexist and unfair for us students?

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The issue is the schools dress code. The dress code is too harsh with the consequences. Another hint being is that it is being sexist towards the females because most of the things listed on the dress code is for the females while they are two to three things towards the males. This matters to me because I feel like we should wear what we want at school. I feel like it is school to get education and learn, not about what clothes we wear to school. In our dress code, majority of the things listed are mainly targeting the females which is making it sexist because the things listed are for the females, only couple or more are for the males. My own personal experience, I have been dress coded for my t-shirts and a jacket at a event due to profanity on the design of it. I had to change my shirt and my jacket was taken away. I feel like that is too strict because an admin was telling me I could’ve got suspended if I was caught one more time. The school should just give us only warnings instead of actually suspending students over the clothes we wear. If being less strict on the dress code, students won’t have to cut class to go change their clothes so they can use their time to learn in class. Who can help is the admin at Waipahu high that is willing to change the rules. They can make it less strict so we won’t be taken out of class just because of our clothes. Based on the dress code, spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops, strapless tops, and dresses, are not allowed, unless a non see-through blouse or jacket is worn. This is unfair because it is basically targeting specifically the females tops only.

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