Keep the Lincoln, IL Kroger Open

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On August 2nd it was unexpectedly announced that the Kroger in Lincoln would close by the end of the month. This has shocked many of us that use this grocery store. The store provides many jobs and also draws many people from out of town into Lincoln. Closing the store will be detrimental to Lincoln and will effect the lives of the people that live in and around Lincoln negatively.

Living in a rural area there are not many choices for quality grocery stores. Within Lincoln, there are only a few. Walmart is nearby, but for many reasons is not preferred over Kroger. Kroger has more services, better help, better produce and meat, and a better selection of quality products. There are other, smaller groceries in town, but they can't match the price, selection, or quality of the Kroger. For those of us that live outside of Lincoln, the closing of this store will force us to drive to Bloomington, Peoria, or Springfield for groceries; adding time and expense to our weekly shopping trip.

It is understandable that Kroger would not want to run an unprofitable store, but the patrons of the Lincoln Kroger would like for Kroger to work with the city of Lincoln and look for ways to keep the store open and set it on a path to profitability. Most, if not all, of the regular customers would be willing to sacrifice a service or two, such as being open 24/7, if it meant the store remained open. We are asking Kroger to please consider what it would take to keep the store open and to consider the citizens of Lincoln and the surrounding communities.