Don't close the Salvation Army store in Canandaigua!!

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The Salvation Army store in Canandaigua has just been informed that they will be closing by the end of August. The lease will not be renewed; the decision was made by the new SA Administrator* in Rochester. It's been here for years, and many residents buy their clothes, household goods, and kids toys there. It's easily accessible (Main Street) for people who don't/can't drive, and is a vital part of our local economy. Not only will many of our fellow citizens lose access to affordable clothes and other items, the employees will be out of much-needed jobs. All items sold at this thrift stores help fund local programs that heal addictions, restore families and change lives. Please, sign the petition AND call *Lt. Darlene Clark to voice your opposition to closing the store. 585-235-2769 x301                              Her email address: Darlene.Clark@USE.SalvationArmy.Org

Please be polite, but let her know that our city needs this store!