Keep safe from a second-wave: extend healthcare to everyone

Keep safe from a second-wave: extend healthcare to everyone

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My name is Phuong and I’ve been calling Australia my home for many years but right now, I’m afraid. I have developed a cold and want to follow current health guidelines and get checked for COVID19. However, I’m on a temporary visa status. If I go to my doctor I risk my information getting shared to immigration agencies and thus being deported back to my homeland where it’s dangerous for me. I don’t want to put the life of others around me in danger. I’m left in an impossible situation and feel so helpless. 

Australia is my home. It’s where my beautiful daughter was born. I have spent years creating a tight-knit community of friends and family and they are my everything. I don’t want to lose all this just for following health guidelines and accessing healthcare.

Unfortunately, Phuong’s story is not unique. Tens of thousands of people are afraid to access vital medical care, due to their visa status and fear of deportation. COVID-19 has exposed the glaring inequality in Australia around access to healthcare. Everybody deserves to be able to see a doctor without any fears. This is why we are calling for an information firewall between health providers and immigration agencies. 

Please help Phuong and others like him to be able to do their part in protecting their families and the community at large. They deserve to access healthcare without being punished for something as trivial as a visa status -  something they have no control over.

Please sign and share the petition calling for an information firewall between health providers and immigration agencies so we can prevent a second wave of COVID-19 and build a more inclusive society.