Keep Our Vermont Community Clean & Safe

Keep Our Vermont Community Clean & Safe

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Why this petition matters

Started by Unidos por Vermont

We are not against street vendors but we’re against ppl coming to our community and bringing trash and making our streets dangerous. We understand they need to provide for their families but having hot oil in the streets and blocking the sidewalks it’s dangerous.  Our kids deserve to walk free without fear of get tiny burn .

Also they don’t meet the health department requirements. 

Years of living with constant dumping and trash in our neighborhood, we want our streets clean! 
No more oil, no more harassment,

No more public urination! No more Vending 24/7 —7 days a week And leaving trash all over our streets 
We want Clean Streets, Clean Storm Drains and most importantly Safe streets for our Blind, Handicap, Local Seniors and our Families and Children in the Community!! 

We have lived here for over 30+ years and it isn’t fair for people coming from other parts of the city to claim a sidewalk we deserve to walk on too

The city is offering options but they want to block out streets and that’s not fair. As residents we will not give up 

551 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!