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Keep Munda Street Reserve a place for people and nature.

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A small number of dog owners are pressuring Randwick City Council to designate the dogs-on-leash Munda Street Reserve a dog-off-leash park. The Reserve is presently the only on-leash park that we have in the vicinity. The existence of a dog-off-leash park a mere 200 or so metres along the road (Bangor Park) makes redundant redesignating Munda Street Reserve as off-leash.

The present on-leash designation brings many benefits to our community:

  1. Keeping Munda Street Reserve as an on-leash area protects the children who play there from harassment by dogs.
  2. The existing on-leash designation protects the adjacent patch of rare and remnant Eastern Suburns Banksia Scrub from phosphorus and other exudates that leach from dog droppings. These exudates damage native bushland.
  3. The on-leash designation protects the revegetation being done in the Reserve to increase its habitat value to wildlife and its amenity and educational value for visitors.
  4. The existing on-leash designation protects the prolific bird life in the Reserve and adjacent bushland from harassment by off-leash dogs. Species of small birds rare elsewhere in Randwick find refuge in the Reserve and adjacent bushland. The Reserve is frequented by birdwatching and citizen science groups. Dogs intimidate the birds they come to see.
  5. Dogs off-leash are likely to come within the 10 metre exclusion zone of the children’s playground. The NSW govenment designates the exclusion zone around all childrens’playgrounds for safety and health reasons. Randwick City Council regulations also ban dogs from children’s playgrounds.

By signing our petition we can keep Munda Street Reserve dogs-on-leash so it can be safely enjoyed by all in our community, not just those who want a place for their dogs to run around.

Munda Street Reserve is a park for people and nature. Let’s keep it that way for all our community.

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