I support Keeping Maple Leaf in North East Seattle for High School

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Students in Maple Leaf have historically been assigned to either Roosevelt or Nathan Hale for high school.  As part of a redraw of the high school boundaries, Seattle Public Schools is proposing to send Maple Leaf students that live between Roosevelt and I5 to Ingraham High School.   While Ingraham is a great high school, it has never been part of our community and primarily serves Northwest Seattle.  For most of us, it is also further away than both Nathan Hale and/or Roosevelt.

  • Maple Leaf Kids Are in the Walk Zone for both Roosevelt and Hale, Not Ingraham.  Please don't make our kids take a bus when they can walk or ride a bike to High School.
  • Maple Leaf Has Long Supported Staying in NE Seattle.  Our desire for our kids to stay together in NE Seattle has been consistent.  Over the last 4 years, 2 surveys and 1 PTA vote have all shown this to be the community's overwhelming preference.
  • Don't Split Our Community Further.  Maple Leaf is already split between 2 high schools.  Please don't split us further by sending some of our students to a third high school.
  • Minimize the Disruptions and Keep Maple Leaf in NE Seattle: The district is proposing to move students that currently attend Ingraham to Nathan Hale and to replace them by moving Maple Leaf students that currently attend Nathan Hale to Ingraham.  This is unnecessarily disruptive for both communities.

Please show your support for keeping Maple Leaf high school students in NE Seattle by signing this petition.  


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