Keep Local Government Local

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The McGowan Government is currently conducting two reviews, which could impact on the delivery of local government services in this state.

These reviews could result in:

-      privatisation of essential local services

-      outsourcing of jobs and lower wages

-      more insecure work across the local government sector

-      a lack of transparency and accountability to the community


The WA Local Government Association (WALGA) wants councils to be allowed to outsource essential services to profit-seeking corporations. These so-called beneficial enterprises are just the first step towards privatisation.

In places like New Zealand, up to 75 per cent of council activity is controlled by unelected and unaccountable corporate directors who operate these entities in the interests of an unstated corporate agenda. Profit comes first, with the needs of local people a distant second.

We can’t allow that to happen here. That’s why we need our voice to be heard.

We, the undersigned, believe council services should remain in public hands. Delivering essential community services by locals, for locals and not for commercial profit. That’s why we oppose the introduction of beneficial enterprises, privatisation or outsourcing of Western Australian local government councils or services.

We call on the McGowan Government to keep local government local by rejecting the introduction of beneficial enterprises into Western Australia, preventing changes to legislation that would allow local government councils to form private companies such as beneficial enterprises or council controlled organisations.