Keep John Smith Pool Open!

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We have started this online petition as the staff at the pool were made to remove the one being displayed at reception, a direct attempt to suppress the public view on this matter.

NL Leisure is threatening to reduce the opening hours of John Smith Pool in Airdrie from 89 hours per week to 54 hours per week as follows:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 12pm, 4pm – 8pm.

Saturday & Sunday: 9.30am – 4.30pm.

The decision was made following a presentation to the NL leisure board of directors without public consultation.

The closure of the pool between 12noon and 4pm not only means a severely reduced service to Airdrie residents, it means many children’s swimming lessons will be cancelled and local schools will not be able to use the pool for school lessons either. Swimming is an essential life skill and our children’s development should not suffer as part of a cost saving exercise. Those without access to transport will struggle to attend alternative locations. 

The pool was recently closed for some time due to £400,000 reinvestment. It does not make sense that these facilities should be closed.

We believe that the people of Airdrie are being brushed aside in the name of cutting corners and saving money. this proposal goes directly against NL Leisures strategic objectives which include:

*To increase participation and improve performance in sport
*To increase visitor numbers
*To attract more visitors from disadvantaged groups
*To improve the service quality and the customer satisfaction rating
*To improve awareness of the North Lanarkshire Leisure Limited products and services
*To maximise revenue, while reducing costs and reinvesting surpluses in the company.
*To raise the profile of sport and leisure services and build the North Lanarkshire Leisure brand and sub-brands.

Reducing the hours of John Smiths pool does not meet these objectives and Airdrie is being forgotten amidst cost cutting measures.