Keep Birmingham State Grammar Schools

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Death of the Grammar Schools in Birmingham #meritb4postcode

We reject proposals to create new catchment areas around each Grammar school and drastically reduce the pass mark causing standards to drop dramatically in the best schools in our City. They are some of the best State Grammar schools outside London, with entry based purely on merit, not how much money you have. The proposals are based on a false premise..

They already cater for Pupil Premium for around 30% of kids, giving them a lower threshold to get into a Grammar School.

If a child is highly able with an 11+ test score of, say 250+, it's fair to hope they can have the chance to be educated with peers of a similar ability.

Everything is going smoothly with the current Grammar school system in Birmingham and it is difficult to see the point of these proposals. Grammar schools are designed for academically high achieving children. If entrance is decided on by postcode, what is the point of Grammar schools? What is the point of the 11+ test if catchment area is the deciding factor?

Further, the ethnic mix in these schools might suffer, for example some are in predominantly white areas of the city and other mainly Asian. Our pupils have a good understanding of many different cultures and faiths at the moment, something they would not have in an ethnically homogeneous school.

Is there a hidden agenda with these proposals which have such far reaching consequences? The Executive Director of the Schools of King Edward has devised the suggested new arrangements which would mean the private schools of KES and KEHSG have the highest results in the West Midlands area, making them highly desirable once the Grammar schools are downgraded.

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