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TDS 24-Hour Access

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We, the student representatives of the Keene State College Architecture, SPDI, and Occupational Safety departments, petition to have 24-hour building access to the Technology Design and Safety Center (TDS) to benefit all majors involved. Currently the building is open 7AM to midnight during the week, 9AM to 5PM on Saturday, and 12PM to midnight on Sunday. These hours produce unnecessary challenges to produce the amount and level of work expected of us. Our majors are some of the most demanding offered in the college curriculum. Often we find ourselves being warned of the impending closing time as we are at work in the middle of a project, trying to produce the quality of work expected of us. With our class schedules being hectic and other classes occupying the spaces during our free time, we are presented with numerous challenges to buckle down and produce top quality work.

Working in the TDS is extremely critical to reach a level of quality our professors expect of us. With the CAD lab being the only place we have access to computers strong enough to power programs such as AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, Dynamo, etc. Not only are these the only computers strong enough to power these programs it's the only place we have access to programs due to the high price. Not only is access to programs a problem but with all architecture students with the exception of freshman have their own desk. With all of our materials and our own private work space we should be allowed access to it when needed. We are not asking for the shops to be open due to the dangerous equipment that it contains, but for our studios and computer labs so we are able to do our work in the best possible manner.

Many other schools have 24-hour access to their studios such as, UMASS Amherst and numerous other schools. With models that take an average of 40 hours to produce, since we make them all by hand, we need flexible hours to work and the ability to spend all night working. With hectic and busy schedules we need full access to the TDS. Though most of us are supposed to be have key card access to the building we sadly do not. Our only intent is to be here working and producing the best quality work we can. We represent Keene State College and want to produce work both the school and community will be proud of. We want to build the reputation for the school and ourselves by giving us full access to the TDS building to become the most efficient and productive students we can be.

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