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Bring Jayce Home

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Hello everyone,

I am writing this letter to clarify the recent events and to ask my family and friends to think of what would be the best interest for Jayce. I, Kayleen Manfredi, am his mother. I had sole custody of Jayce for *5 1/2* years. As I recall, the last time Jayce saw his "Nannie," Shelley Goodrum, was in March this year because her husband had a heart attack and she needed a place to sleep.

My mother, Shelley Goodrum, offered to take my son, Jayce, after a serious incident happened this week. On Wednesday, I called to speak to my son (like I had done so the few days before), Jayce, but instead told by Shelley that she would make sure that I would lose all of my children. After hearing this threat, I called the Concord police, but they had no knowledge of where Jayce is currently staying and that there was nothing in place keeping my son from me. Shelly threatened I couldn't talk to him until July 10, 2017. However, the paperwork that I was served with stated a July 21st court date. I was requested for a speedy hearing and got the court date moved to June 27, 2017. I want to point out that the paperwork did not specify anything about me not being allowed verbal communication with my son, Jayce. I am only restricted to no visitations. I can provide paperwork if needed. As Jayce's mother, I think that it was wrong for Shelley to react so quickly to take him away from me. My son, Jayce, needs my love and comfort during this difficult week.

This is backlash for allowing my son to spend some "quality time" with his grandmother as an attempt to keep him away from the drama. I am assuming that Shelley is speaking to people on the phone around my son, claiming that Jayce is saying information that isn't true. Once again, I am just looking out for the best interest of my son, Jayce. I believe that Shelley Goodrum is not looking out for the best interest of Jayce because she is not ensuring his safety, let alone know him like I do.

Regarding the recent case from this week, Shelley does not have the facts straight. I had informed someone in the emergency room that I needed to get my children from daycare, that's the only reason Shelley was informed so she could either help with getting them or sit for a minute so I could come back. Jayce was released to ME, his MOTHER, after I brought him to the emergency room per Department of children, youth, and families safety plan. Also that safety plan stated Bradley Mobbs has no contact with children per investigation. Department of children youth and families (DCYF) sat with me, comforting me saying that I did the right thing reporting what happened. 

Shelley might say she is the best interest for Jayce, but from my past experience, she has not attended birthday parties or even called to check on him. She has even neglected her own children in the past. She is stating abuse, which was done by bradley. She is claiming that I can't keep my child safe, but I was the one who reported the abuse of Bradleys abusive behavior. In my opinion as Jayce's mother, that's keeping him safe. I find her claims untrue because I have always provided a safe, loving, home, and have always protected him thus why he came to me with his pain. There is proof of why I still have my other children and no one is keeping them from me. I thank you all for reading this letter. I am asking you to sign if you agree that Jayce's best interest is to be back with me, his mother, instead of with a woman who barely knows him, Shelley Goodrum. My son, Jayce is living in so much fear, that his whole family is dead because he was taken away from them in such a tragic time. Jayce needs the safety of me, his mother, more than ever and his siblings who love him very much. Please help us bring Jayce back home to his family.

Thank you,
Kayleen Manfredi

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