Increase Firework laws in Johnson Co IN

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The residents of Johnson County Indiana are requesting that new laws regarding fireworks be put into effect.  

Fireworks and their accompanying noise can cause real setbacks for people with PTSD, challenges for people with small children, pets or even those of us that need to head into work the next day.  These days the use of fireworks has greatly increased and dates used are frequent and unpredictable including week nights. People are shooting off a few over a longer duration instead of a short show which only extends the agony of neighbors. People are also trying to use fireworks in smaller yards meaning they are too close to neighbors homes which can cause a fire hazard.  For these reasons fireworks have become a public health issue in our county.

We request that they are restricted to holidays, and are kept between the hours of 9:30 pm to 11:00 pm.  We request that previous laws regarding age are kept in place however we would like to expand on placement laws that would restrict people to a distance of 100 feet from a neighboring structure.  We would also request fireworks not be allowed if the environment is extremely dry to help prevent brush fires.