Increase the amount of THC per package allowed in Oregon

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OLCC's Marijuana Labeling Rules states that the Maximum Concentration or Amount of THC per container is 1,000mg for concentrates or extracts. We believe that this must be changed. 


Retail Marijuana Item Concentration and Serving Size Limits
(1) The maximum concentration or amount of THC permitted in a container and the
maximum concentration or amount of THC permitted in a serving of a retail adult use
marijuana item is listed in Table 1. [Table not included.]

 Table 1


This law creates more waste due to the abundance of packaging. If a customer can go to a dispensary and pick up 5 Grams of concentrate or extracts at a time, why can't it be in the same jar or package?

Oregon has some of the more restrictive purchasing and packaging laws. Our buying limit as a Recreational Consumer is one ounce of flower; five grams of concentrates; 72 ounces in liquid form; 16 ounces in solid form (such as topicals). Per package you can only have 1,000mg of THC for concentrates, tinctures and other products not intended for human consumption. 50mg of THC for edibles and 6% of THC for topicals. 

In 2016 when our state became legal, Oregon dispensaries sold $393 million dollars in legal cannabis products which is 38.5 million grams or units sold. Of the 38.5 million grams or units sold, 21% of them were concentrates. Since everything has to be packaged according to the OLCC rules, that means for every one gram of concentrate there is one package. So that is potentially 8 million pieces of packaging in our landfill. (Possibly more if the units include Half Gram Packages)

BDS Analytics 2016

Let's say the OLCC changes this rule, and we could sell more than 1,000mg of THC per container. If we could sell 5 gram packages to Medical and Recreational customers, we would be taking almost 7 million packages out of the landfill according to the numbers from 2016.

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