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Hold PGE accountable for the decimation of the Deschutes River & violating #cleanwateract

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To all Oregonians, outdoor warriors and the Pacific North West community as a whole;

PGE operates a "dam complex" consisting of three hydrolic dams and reservoirs constructed in 1964, stretching across a 20 mile swath along the Deschutes River outside of Madras, OR. 

An "update" occurred in 2009 with the instillation of a 273ft underwater tower & fish collection facility at "Round Butte Dam". This update was intended to draw warmer water from the surface and colder water from the depths of Lake Billy Chinook to attract fish into the collection facility through a series of ramps located near the water surface, then sends the hydro-flow through the dam to turbines which in turn create electricity. 

By withholding and releasing water at will from this series of installments, it has not only violated the "Clean Water Act", but has already taken a major tole on species such as Chinook Salmon, Steelhead and the native Redside trout, highly sensitive to such drastic changes. 

This was clearly apparent to anyone who has visited the banks of the Deschutes River by not only its natural inhabitants, but also the river color and erratic temperatures. 

PGE continues to downgrade the pleas from the Warm Springs tribe who've relied on the resources of the Deschutes River, and continues to push their "long term" agenda claiming he restoration process from a dam being in place is "an investment", however, no solutions have been agreed upon.

In recent meetings, members of PGE continue to offer zero forms of short term solutions and in turn claim no damage has been done, and they remain outside of any violation.

Meanwhile, toxins and water temperatures sore with many anglers and native Oregonians pondering what exactly it will take for our government to recognize the impact already irreversible. Reports from Warm Springs, to the confluence into the Columbia show a major new population of Bass, dwindling Steelhead populations, a "black spot" disease in most of the trout population imposing health risks for humans and animals along the river alike, and other parasites able to flourish in the warming river temperatures.

Please support or native tribes, anglers, outdoor warriors and our NW population as a whole to save the Deschutes before it's too late. 


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