Save the Sirens of Kasson, MN

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My name is Todd Suhr and I have been living in or around the Kasson area for well over 30 years. There was another petition started to "Silence the Sirens" in Kasson because it is believed that these sirens which are sounded 3 times daily (12pm, 5:30pm, and 10pm for 10 seconds each day) are strictly used as a tool for emergent weather.

These sirens have been a part of the community for longer then I have been around and in talking with many different people about this, it has come to be a daily way of life.  These sirens are not only used for emergencies, they are also used as a parenting tool in which parents can direct their children on when they need to be home. Its also a tool to really help anyone who may be outside at a given time of day who may not have any device handy to quickly determine what time of day it is. Why not use the sirens for more then just a single purpose as the  duration of the differing sirens (Daily, Tornado, and Fire) are totally unique to each other and if properly educated as to the differences, should cause no need for false alarm.

I ask you take the time to sign and comment this petition as it will show support for keeping out small towns heritage and keeping us unique as a community as well.  Thanks for your time.