Say NO to FireWorks.

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Dear Pet Parent/ Eco Activist,

Am Gauthami, 24 years old and Bangalore bred.

As a Hindu kid raised in a nuclear family in Bangalore, we have celebrated about 15 Diwalis with fireworks.

But once I grew to be a little more sensible and started to realize the adverse effect crackers had on the environment, we took a mutual decision to quit fireworks and just light diyas during Diwali.
I have seen people burst crackers for almost every small thing these days, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Ganesha Chaturthi, a victorious match or a death.

These fireworks are way above the 125 decibels which are legally allowed and are the main culprits behind increased amounts of pollution- deadly gases like Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxides etc.

The effect is just not on the environment but people face so many respiratory issues, there are hundreds of thousands of accidents and burns plus animals, poor animals face so much trauma and stress.

The stray animals almost always fall prey and get badly hurt.
In 2015 Karnataka state pollution control board decided to have designated firecracker bursting areas in the 8 BBMP Zones and KSPCB also kept a deadline at 10 PM so anyone bursting crackers post 10 in the night will be notified and taken action accordingly.

As a parent to 4 cats and 2 indie dogs, we go through a lot of stress and trauma. Seeing our little fur babies scared and trembling with fear is a painful sight. A lot of pets and stray animals also go missing because they try escaping from the fireworks. Can you image your little kid being hurt or shivering because of your neighbor’s act? 

125 Decibels to a dog’s ear is beyond terrible, the maximum they can withstand is 106 decibels. 
It’s not just in Bangalore but I think India, on the whole, should get sensitive about this issue, people loosing sights, animals being put through pain, our environment being dreadfully affected, ozone layer depleting and breathing in the terrible quality air cannot be good to anyone.
To conclude I would request everyone to step back, take a look at the harm your causing. Fire a sparkler or two,  meet your near and dear ones and please try keeping the noise levels at the lowest and carbon footprint at its minimum.

We look forward to living on this planet for some time and fireworks can only make our lives here worse.

Diwali, Christmas, and NYE are just a few weeks away and if we can all mutually agree upon drastically reducing fireworks and helping our fellow friends that will be great.

Let’s join hands in making our planet much much better for our future generations.

Beloved Human/Pet Parent