Use of local trains to dicongest the Bangalore Airport Traffic..!!

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Traffic congestion at Hebbal Junction for entering the city or moving out towards Intl airport is at a very high level.

City Planning team has efficiently failed to decongest the this traffic zone by implementing other easy wayouts for the same.

Here I have a simple technique through which I believe atleast 50-60% of the traffic can be curbed easily by Implementing local trains / MEMU trains.

Major traffic congestion is of Airport followed by other vehicle moving towards nearby suburbans where in people travel daily to city for their jobs.

Airport is located near Devanahalli which is connected by rail networks - By introducing local trains till devanahalli & thereby connecting to airport by way of bus shuttle service, Airport traffic can be easily avoided by a good percentage & there is not much investment required like in other government plans since their exists a rail network.

Further there are lakhs of daily commuters from nearby suburbans like Dodballapur, Chikballapur who come to city for job / studies, who waste their maximum time in journey - By introducing local train in this network frequently will again give a good result for reducing traffic, rather at present there exists only one time local train in the entire day.

Government is just planning for big infrastructure development in this route since many years but unsuccessful due to many reasons, But by implementing local trains with good frequency in the routes like Dodballapur, Devenahalli & Chikballapur would help in reducing traffic & will help daily commuters like me by cutting travel time & be more efficent at our respective jobs.

It takes minimum of 30 minutes to cross the hebbal bridge which covers a distance of less than a km, But by this train route, I can cover my entire journey of 40 km within a hour's time. 

A sincere & humble request to you readers to give a good response towards the same & Karnataka state Government atleast wake up now towards implementing this project.. This is an need of an hour..!!