Stop relocating monkeys due to complaints from human menace

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SAVE MONKEYS- A Campaign to save some beautiful monkeys, trees, wildlife, people and improve knowledge on Wildlife to co-exist being compassionate citizens to Adhere to constitutional Article 48, 51, and protect wildlife act 1972.

Monkeys at Risk:

This is in regards to relocation of 5 monkeys from an apartment complex Kendriya Vihar Apartments located in Yelahanka(Bangalore) located adjacent to a lake and green area.

The Apartment association is trying to relocate about 5 monkeys living in the colony to some other area. 

In December 2017 the association had called a local monkey catcher and he had captured two monkeys and kept them in the bitter cold without food and water the entire night in the open garden. The monkeys were also seriously injured and on intervention by the Forest Department they were taken to WRRC (sister concern of CUPA) located near Bannerghatta National park and treated for about a month before being released.

However, this year though the association wrote to the Deputy Conservator of Forest Forest  before any approval came from the Forest department they hurriedly called some local monkey catcher (The contact possibly supplied by a resident and a person who claimed to be from Forest Department- later this was found to be false as he belongs to some NGO and not forest department). This information of illegal capture reached the Forest Department and they intervened to prevent this illegal capture. I would like to thank the Pccf who treated the matter as extremely urgent and informed the Range Officer of the jurisdiction to make an inspection on top priority.

The Association is under pressure from some residents for capture of the monkeys and has written that there are about 30 monkeys in the complex however when the Forest Range Officer  came for inspection not a single monkey was sighted in the colony. However, due to the persistent claim by the association the Range officer has noted presence of 30-40 monkeys in his report.  This relocation will not act as onetime permanent solution as there is no guarantee that some other monkeys will not come in again from the nearby lake area and huge green areas

As per our observation not more than five monkeys are present in the premises of the apartment complex and one of the monkey is pregnant and there are two small babies in the group which may cause them enormous stress during the relocation process. 

In my humble opinion relocation is not a solution.

Ideal Solution:

·         FEEDING Bonnet Macaque: Bonnet Macaque are omnivores, feed upon fruits, nuts, cereals, seeds, leaves, berries, flowers, bird eggs, foliage, invertebrates (Bees, Bugs, Mole, Spiders, Dragonfly, Ladybug, Caterpillars, Grasshoppers, Mite, Ant, Mantis) which are found plenty in nature.

·         We must all work together to grow and protect as many trees as we can to protect monkeys, or wildlife.

·         Forest Department must issue a notice to all the NGO’s and individuals in India who are trying to capture, relocate, or harm monkeys for the sake of money.

·         We were able to warn the NGO who had illegally camped to relocate, or capture monkeys to violate Section 38J, Wildlife (protection) Act, 1972 which is an offence punishable by a fine of 25000 or imprisonment of up to three years or both. Request all citizens to inform Forest Department when you notice anyone trying to capture Monkeys.

·         With Rapid Urbanization, Wild life and Monkeys have lost lives, habitat and we are on the verge of losing most beautiful coexisting animals, birds, wildlife, and need to check deforestation and construction of more apartments/buildings near Lakes, Green Zones. Let’s preserve Greenary.

End note : Kindly request the Forest Department to educate the public and masses to co-exist with monkeys and not relocate them at the behest of Humans complaining