Request prompt fixing of bellandur roads

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We are writing to draw your urgent attention to the rapidly deteriorating state of internal and service roads in Bellandur area, housing more than 100,000 residents & equal number of office going people.

Lakhs of people live here, and lakhs more come to work in and around Bellandur. There has been significant growth in the number of households in the last 10 years. Despite this, the state of internal roads of bellandur residential communities are in bad shape. Even the service roads along Bellandur - ORR corridor are full of potholes and are in disastrous shape. There is no place to walk, let alone drive. Drains are open or overflow with sewage.

This has seriously deteriorated mobility and have adversely affected commute time for both employees of the numerous companies and the daily wage workers who can least afford it. All residents in this area are suffering due to rise in pollution, overcrowding and traffic congestion. Children are frequently stuck in jams and return home tired. It is scary to think the effect the pollution has on their growing bodies. Cases of asthma and allergic cough are quite common.
ORR companies contributed about Rs 100 Cr property tax last year to the state govt. But there has been spends worth only Rs 5 Cr in the last few years. As one of the highest tax payer constituency in Bangalore, we are furious with this poor report card. We should hold our elected officials such as the corporator and the MLA responsible. We deserve to have better quality of life and better infrastructure in the near future.

With immediate effect:
- Lay new roads in internal and service roads of Bellandur.
- Build proper footpaths and drainages.

PS: This petition is an offshoot of a previous petition which although is closed, has not solved our seemingly perennial problems in Bellandur.