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SAVE OUR PARK-- Withdraw the Toondah Harbour Development Scheme

Supporters affectionately describes GJ Walter Park as a 'fantastic secluded seafront park… With spectacular views across to the sand dunes of Stradbroke and mangrove-fringed bay islands and shaded by Norfolk Pines.' It goes on to call it 'a top place for a picnic or barbecue', and highlights 'a cute child’s playground, no through traffic and an excellent dog off leash area that is partially fenced and incorporates a little beach.' It concludes by calling it a 'paradise for all.' 


Sadly, the local Government want to destroy this 'paradise' with the implementation of theToondah Harbour PDA  - a State government tool to accelerate development.


The Redlands Community's public access areas are being sold off for an 800 berth marina and 15 storey buildings pursuant to the PDA. This means saying goodbye to the beautiful views mentioned above; and, upsettingly for many residents-- the abolition of the well-loved and utilised dog park.  In fact the existing cricket pitch will be replaced by a 15 Storey apartment tower.    The planned development has potential for 1500 apartments and up to 3 500 people.


On 14 January  the Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning (Mr Seeney) in the company of acting Mayor Cr Allan Beard of Redland City Council and the Cleveland MP (Mark Robinson) unveiled 'their' future vision for the Toondah Harbour PDA. Our representatives' visions have been sold to the Queensland State Government for implementation - even though their visions are NOT in keeping with the expectations of their constituents expressed in the '2013 Toondah Harbour Engagement Consultation' ('2013 THEC').   In the '2013 THEC', collated by community members, it was stated that "any apartment and commercial development should be low rise, and that there was "high community use and love of the GJ Walter Park, its off-leash dog area, and its recreational uses for families, local community groups and residents’.   


The community also voiced its concerns in that the dog park remain accessible by the public, and that the area's heritage and ecological values and development should be balanced.   These concerns have been completely disregarded by the council, and instead commerciality and potential 'segway stations' have been put on the table. We, as residents of the Redlands, are outraged. The 'Interim Land Use Plan' outlining the proposed development (issued by the Council) does not once mention the word 'dog park' or 'GJ Walter', leaving residents feeling anxious about its continued existence in coalition with the 'Toondah Harbour PDA'.  


The Redlands community is not against growth and development of land or property.  Everyone wants to see Toondah Harbour refurbished.    What we are against is the alienation a public park to entice developers and the surrender into private hands of a public park without proper community consultation. We are against ignoring the expectations of the Redlands Community and making a  total mockery of our values. Most of all, we are against the Government denying our community of their rights to be heard, and have their say taken into account in issues of great importance that directly affect them.




The State Government  Members for Cleveland, Redlands and Capalaba, the Mayor and all Councillors to publicly withdraw their support for the Toondah Harbour Proposed Development Scheme and commit to lobbying the Minister and the Premier to immediately withdraw the Development Scheme. We want afull and proper community consultation process to take place. We want to know what isreally going on, and be able to have a proper say.  


All of the documents referred to above are easily and freely accessible on the Redlands Council's website.​





This petition was delivered to:
  • Premier of Queensland
    Campbell Newman
  • Mayor of Redlands
    Karen Williams
  • Paul Bishop
  • Paul Gleeson
  • Alan Beard
  • Murray Elliott
  • Julie Talty
  • Mark Edwards
  • Lance Hewlett
  • Kim-Maree Hardman
  • Craig Ogilvie
  • Wendy Boglary
  • Redlands MP
    Peter Dowling
  • Cleveland MP
    Mark Robinson
  • Qld MP, Leader of the Opposition
    Annastacia Palaszczuk
  • Qld Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
    Jeff Seeney
  • Capalaba MP
    Steve Davies

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