Unblock Poptropica on my School Network (Illinois District 204)

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I'm sure all of you under the age of 20 remember the awesome game Poptropica that all the kids used to play during computer lab. Ever since 2013, Poptropica has been banned in the schools of America, and since then there has been scientific proof that kids intelligence has been going down, more and more, each and every year. And the worst thing about it is that coolmath-games.com is still unblocked, even though it could possibly be less educational than Poptropica. In Poptropica you learn problem solving skills, and you can make friends. The game rewards you for doing well, and helps you along if you are stumped. Everything about this game is good for students, but it is still banned. I call upon the students of America to sign this petition for the return of Poptropica in our schools! Will you join me in this conquest?