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In the USA is a penalty for necrophilia but then there are people who claim that this regulation is only fictional and that there are several American states that do not directly outlaw the problem of necrophilia.  Some politicians believe these are "loopholes in the law" and it is problem how to issue this topic in the U.S. legal system where some countries ban sodomy but have nothing against necrophilia although the both are disgusting

The states such as Kansas and Louisiana, Oklahoma and North Carolina, the law is swallow on the ground.  I do not claim here that those states do not have legal framework against necrophilia but most of them are not sure how to deal with the real incident. The possible solution is addressing as the sexual assault against a partner who can't give a consent, some kind of a crime against nature. One  legal theorist John Troyer has written that the main problem about the right legal exposure of necrophilia is that the dead body is only a quasi-subject before the law.

The necrophilia is a mental illness and it must be detected and cured and those people who ruin other people after dead peace and their dead bodies are criminals that must be legally prosecuted.  

This is a serious question and allowing this to find a place in our societies is a sign of how deep we are falling down as a human race. No shame and no common sense anymore. The incest, sodomy and necrophilia must be outlawed once for all time. 

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