Heal Hill City's Home Plate

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On Memorial Day Monday Hill City, KS suffered from a flash flood. Destroying homes, land, fences, roads and anything else in its path. Needless to say our town in North West Kansas of roughly 1,400 took a beating. While the consequences left from this storm are hard, our community is stronger. Late into Monday night and long into the day on Tuesday, people showed up. Pushing away water, digging trenches, clearing out homes, saving what was left...we came together. 

While the loss of homes is great, we also lost one of the greatest things about Summer, our baseball complex.

Electrical and lighting systems compromised, oil pipe fencing pushed over, trenches 4 feet and deeper among many others now sit where three days prior Hill City hosted its first tournament of the Summer. A tournament bringing in 15 teams and over 200 in attendance. While 200 may not sound like much, it is a lot to our community. 

These fields not only mean a lot to the various groups that host baseball/softball tournaments over the Summer months but also to our kids. Because of the travesty from this flood on Monday, May 28, 2018 the Graham County Recreation Commission was forced to reschedule events throughout the kids season. 

But not only to the kids of baseball but to the kids of Soccer too. The Graham County Recreation Commission always strived to keep their fields up to par so that we could use them for other kids activities as well, one of which including Soccer. 

We are looking towards collecting enough signatures to prove to larger foundations that we are a small town, with a lot of heart, who just need some support to get back on base. 

The point of this petition is NOT to ask for money through tax's but to ask for support. Support to re-build our amazing ball diamonds, originally dedicated to Bob Boyd and Darrell Powers. To know that we have the backing to follow through with bringing our once Semi-Professional Baseball team, Hill City Athletics, town back to its prime.  Myself (Shannon Toll) as well as Rusty Harmon, Tawny Ashbaugh, the Bob Boyd and Darrell Powers families as well as a number of others would like to have your signature of support to work towards Grants, Donations, and the funding to 'Heal Hill City's Home Plate'.


Thank You!