Ban Kami from Community Gamerz Teamspeak

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She was being a bitch to Co-Owners, Admins, mods, and regular members so we decided to troll her. When she first joined this server, she put a VPN on and spoke in a fake Austrailian accent and began talking shit to people because we called her out on it. Then she proceeded to mute people who were being straight forward to her. After that, she "threatened" admins and co-owners saying that "they threatened my family" and then she left the server and one of the members decided to Dox her and get her information. After that, she got DDOSED the following day and called the police and then the police called the server owner and they threatened him by saying that they'd shut down the server. Since she joined she's caused nothing but drama. Yes she donated, but only to save her ass from getting banned. I've heard her "Moan" when guys she talks to are in the room so that they make lewd comments, then denies making sexual noises. She's a nuiscance to people, an attention whore, and is disrespectful to everyone unless she has control over them.


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