Get Rid of Plastic in the Ocean

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The ocean is a beautiful place. This ocean is not only beautiful but it also is a home to amazing marine animals. Although we as humans appreciate the beauty and wonder of the ocean, we love to go see it for fun! We go in the ocean to swim and play, but that enjoyment is difficult when there are tons of plastic in the ocean and on its sandy shores. Of course our enjoyment of the oceans is unimportant when we consider that these plastics are killing and are causing suffering to millions of marine animals.

These oceanic plastics prove to be more dangerous as they increase in volume. As reported in the article,”The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is three times the size of France and growing, study finds,” by Andrew O’Reilly, states,“The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – an enormous swatch of trillions of pieces of plastic and trash floating somewhere between California and Hawaii – is already three times the size of France and growing fast...estimates that there are at the very least 79 thousand tons of plastic floating around in an area of more than 617,000 square miles…” The volume of plastics make it difficult for aquatic animals to live. As the quantity of plastics is spread more and more around the oceans, animals are more and more at risk of being poisoned and injured. We need to act to be rid of such pollution and keep our planet healthy.

Plastic in the ocean does not just harm marine life, but is also hurting human health because as we eat fish we also ingest the toxins from the plastic that they have eaten. The effects of this harm is stated in the article,“Plastics in the Ocean Affecting Human Health,” by Gianna Andrews as she states,“There are different types of ways that plastic is dangerous for humans. Direct toxicity from plastics comes from lead, cadmium, and mercury… Other toxins in plastics are directly linked to cancers, birth defects, immune system problems, and childhood developmental issues.” The harms caused by these many hazards can affect human life. By eating poisoned sea life, our bodies become polluted as well, and we suffer the consequences of our own pollution. We need to avoid the serious consequences of releasing plastic toxins into the ocean. We caused all this pollution and we must fix it. We need to agree to a law that can make the ocean cleaner and healthier.

We need to STOP this from continuing, and although there are many ways to do so, by signing this petition you are helping governments focus on what is important - ending oceanic plastic pollution. Congress needs to draft and enact law for all states that limits the production of single use plastic products. With this petition, we are asking for companies who make single use plastic products, to make them edible or make their products from plastic that is retrieved from the ocean. Edible products can both support life on the planet and also biodegrade effectively. Reusing oceanic plastic in recycled products removes existing plastics from the ocean. By signing this petition, you are agreeing to ask Congress to write these laws. We need these laws,  because without them plastics will continue to wind up in the ocean at a growing rate. We need to stop plastic pollution at its source. We need to make sure that plastics are not able to get into the ocean and we need to recycle what is already there. This law would save millions lives, both of marine animals and humans. Sign today, sign without delay to save our oceans and ourselves.

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