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Ending littering and Providing People With A New Solution

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Every year, more and more trash is produced by people in which the trash is not properly disposed of. This is due to the ignorance of throwing away trash onto the streets as the most convenient thing to do.The problem with this is that it affects many things like the economy,environment, and human health. Not all seem to see the effects because most of these issues occur in low income neighborhoods. In where many issues that are brought up are not taken as serious for lack of resources

In the year 2013 there was an estimated “254 million tons of trash that was generated by the people here in the US. Of that 254 million tons of trash only 87 million tons were recycled which is equal to only 34% of all that garbage, where every person would contribute around 4 pounds of waste everyday” (Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). Thus, as that number of trash is increasing as each day passes on with the world getting more populated especially here in the US where effects are seen everyday as global warming impacts many of our lives on a daily basis. To add on it is known that tons of waste are generated every single day it is also known that a certain percentage of this waste can be recycled approximately  “75% but only a small percentage is actually recycled which is only 30%”.( Indicating the huge gap between action towards recycling that is done to prevent less trash from affecting our environment,economy, and health. Leading us to conclude that not much action is done to prevent many of our neighborhoods from staying clean and healthy for the better of the future children. The indication that waste affects us all is seen when “neighborhood's lose property value due to the insane amount of trash seen around them”(NCDPS). Thus creating discomfort from the public leading the destruction of the environment caused by the tons of trash that is seen on the streets that changes the perception of what type of neighborhood this maybe. All of this information is to inform the public of the negative effects that a piece of trash can do to affect our daily lives.

This is affecting everyone, especially people who live in low income areas. They are affected because some houses are located near landfills and bridges, which people would throw their unwanted trash.  Moreover, this leads into human health risks, specifically for children because they can play around with the filthy trash on the ground without knowing it is bad for them. It can easily cause them to get sick.  According to an article produced by Environmental and Education Awareness states, “Exposure to hazardous waste can affect human health, children being more vulnerable to these pollutants. In fact, direct exposure can lead to diseases through chemical exposure as the release of chemical waste into the environment leads to chemical poisoning,” (Environmental and Education Awareness, 2017). Children are still developing as they grow older and because of this they are more vulnerable to many risks that waste produces. This ranges from diseases and weak immune systems.  The impact that littering has on children is something that no one wishes, and that no one wants. People continues to put families lives in danger by populating landfills more and more where low income areas are located and breathe in all the chemicals and toxic waste. Actions need to be done, in order for people to be informed of how badly we are getting affected by littering.

If this problem keeps occurring, more taxpayers are going to be spending on street cleanups, and more environmental and human risks will rise. The pieces and piles of trash that are on the streets eventually end up in the ocean also, making it bad for the environment. In an article called “The Dutch boy mopping up a sea of plastic” by Vibeke Venema, he discusses a 16-year-old boy that produced a solution that can get rid of the piles of trash in the ocean. Venema states, “Over the last 30 to 40 years, millions of tonnes of plastic have entered the oceans. Global production of plastic now stands at 288 million tonnes per year, of which 10% ends up in the ocean in time” (Venema, 2014). In this, trash can end up anywhere and still affect us and the environment. Moreover, the significance of this tells us that these piles of trash are becoming a huge issue for the ocean and it should be resolved with coming from the source of the trash, meaning that the materials must be changed.

To solve this problem, a policy will enforce businesses to incorporate biodegradable materials into their products instead of disposable plastic materials. Why use biodegradable materials? Because biodegradable materials break down more quickly than regular disposable plastic materials. In this, it will decrease taxpayer spending on unnecessary street cleanups, be more beneficial to the environment because it is made up of natural waste, and can be less harmful to humans causing least amount of diseases to spread.

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