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BDO Community Protest!

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    Over the last couple weeks, players across multiple regions have decided to come together and protest for a change in the direction the game has taken. Our hope is that Kakao and Pearl Abyss will listen to our concerns and work with us to make these changes possible.  

Major Protest Topics:

- Unstable Connection with Servers
- Unban Bloo. 
- Lack of communication between Players, Publishers, and Developers.
- Hidden Stats including Damage Numbers. Not being shown.
- Lack of Skill Points for players reaching 60 due to increased experience gains.
- Class Balances, at the moment there are only a few classes that are actually considered viable for higher tier Node Wars and Siege Guilds.
- Jin + Fusion Skills for NA/EU. 
- Militia System is currently a flawed system that we believe should be looked at to increase the overall usefulness of the Militia System.
- Item Drop Rate Increase Scrolls that KR players have.
- Paywall on Pets, Weight Limits and Inventory that new players & rerolls must face.

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