Renew The Mick!!!

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On May 10th, 2018 Fox made a huge mistake and cancelled one of the best TV comedies on the air. The Mick, made us laugh week after week and pushed boundaries of what comedy should be. With an all star cast lead by the comedy queen Kaitlin Olson, we were blessed with amazing performances from the incredible Sofia Black-D'Elia,  the delightful Carla Jimenez,  the hysterical Thomas Barbusca, the charming Jack Stanton, and the awesome Scott MacArthur. They all made us laugh until our sides hurt, shocked us so much our jaws would drop, and when the moment was right confronted us with deep, emotional situations that made us think and feel. Shows that do these things, while pushing boundaries and taking comedy to the future while respecting it's past do not deserve to be cancelled. Sign this petition if you agree someone should pick up this show for a well deserved season 3! If not for you, then for Sabrina Pemberton!! Honestly who cancels a show with a cliff hanger like that? Dicks. That's who. If the amazing Brooklyn Nine Nine can be picked up in less than 24 hours than so can this fantastic show! Rather than burn butts or get our samurai swords,  I suggest we sign this petition and #Savethemick!