Please Help Promote Kaipara Tourism

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The Kaipara district lost the Kauri Coast I-Site in July 2009 with the Kaipara District Council (KDC) citing lack of visitors to the centre as the reason they could no longer afford its operation.
Instead of taking the loss of this vital service lying down, passionate visitor information specialist Sue Taylor, went on to open the Kauri Coast Visitor Information Centre next door to the Woodturner’s gallery. This has been a self-funded, voluntary venture for almost nine years providing visitors to the area with specific information and booking requests that go on to help our local businesses.
 Sue had hoped the KDC (who want more visitors to the Kauri Coast) would reopen the official I-Site. However, this has not happened, and more concerning, the current Long Term Plan of KDC (2018–2028) does not even include budgets for visitor information, promotions or visitor industry development.
Mayor Dr Jason Smith has washed the Council’s hands clean of any obligation to promote tourism in the area stating that “tourism promotion of the area is done by Northland Inc through NRC rates, not by Kaipara District Council through KDC rates. These facts need to be top of mind if there are any suggestions of exploring future visitor information options” (Campbell, 2019).
The reluctance of the KDC to allocate funding for the promotion of tourism in the area is really sad as there are so many wonderful attractions of the Kaipara. From its rich pre-colonial history to its current status as the “Kumara Capital”, this area has so many gems to explore and discover. We should be more than happy to share with others all things beautiful and interesting in our area. Not to mention the economic development that can be provided by investing in local tourism.
If you are passionate about our beautiful Kauri Coast and its promotion, please sign this petition so that the Council knows that promoting tourism and helping loyal locals such as Sue Taylor in that promotion is important to us. Important enough to include in the Long Term Plan and important enough to find the funding to keep the Kauri Coast Information open and operating effectively.

  (Image courtesy of the Northern Advocate)