Closing an establishment

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On August 5, 2018 an incident occurred in Happy Red Apple Nail Salon located at 1426 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn, NY. A elderly black women, her daughter, and grand daughter were locked in the nail salon, and brutally attacked by store workers with sticks over a dispute of 5 dollars. Both granddaughter, and daughter watched helplessly while being restrained by the store owner, and employees. If that wasn’t enough one of the workers threw acetone in the grandmothers face causing substantial injuries. These establishments are allowed in our communities to provide safe, reliable services, but belittle and abuse minority’s as they see fit. We’re demanding that this store be permanently closed to show other store owners that these actions will not be tolerated. In order to close Happy Red Apple Nail Salon we need 3,000 signatures. Please help as we demand justice for our community.