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Fix this new update! The changes being implemented are massive, and completely unfair to the players who have spent time levelling their champions (some from the last 2 years!)

Why is this important?

The champions that we use in the game, have had set abilities for a long time, and to go ahead now and turn these abilities on their heads is a slap in the face of your loyal players. What about the players who have spent money on upgrades/sig stones/awakening gems/etc. Only to have their favourite players nerfed beyond recognition. We understand the need to make the game fairer, as was done recently with the downgrade of the Willpower mastery. Even to upgrade some of the lesser champs that are used is understandable. But to lessen the very abilities that these champions rely on, is unfair and unjust. We implore you to halt the upcoming update. Revisit these changes. This feels like a money making move. It may not seem like much to any newcomers to the game, but long standing members can see this is catastrophic. This may lead to many leaving the game. And I for one will be asking for a full refund from Google Play and Itunes for any funds that I have ever spent on upgrading my champions, if this update takes place.


The patch has been released and its much worse than expected! There have been unannounced nerfs, like the one to Block Proficiency that is making some content impossible! The challenger rating addition is also a joke. The game should be based on skill, not rating.

This surely is a step too far. We stand together and will boycott MCOC until we, as a community, are listened to, and these issues are resolved. 

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