Boycott Kabam's "Marvel - Contest of Champions" (2018)

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I want people to stop spending any money on Kabam's game "Marvel - Contest of Champions" until they fix their game breaking bugs. 

Kabam is well aware of all the bugs that have not been fixed since at least September 2017.

So what's happening to hundreds and thousands of players:

During a fight the champ won't attack mid-combo and then just stand still to get hit by the opponent. The champ either automatically drops block or dashes forward into opponent's attack even though one holds down block. The champ won't evade / move backwards even though one wipes back. All those bugs make the game almost unplayable.

What's the result:

You most likely get knocked out and then either restart (if possible - depends on the game mode you are in) or you have to use items to progress.

As it seems a lot of players spend money to buy units (ingame currency) to buy health potions and revives.

Kabam really milks their players with that strategy. I have never seen a company that cares so little about it's players. Just in for the cash.

The players need to stop spending on a broken game. It's a big no-go that basic game mechanics are not working properly. In the current state the game is like a car that drives and stops where and when it wants.

It's simply not acceptable anymore! It never was but after such a long time and so many reports to the support, on Reddit, Twitter and the official forum things have to change ASAP!

Please support the boycott. Please help to #MakeMCoCgreatAgain

Thank you very much in the name of all players affected.