Get rid of LGBT discrimination in Korea and the SK Entertainment Industry!

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Soo-Yung Kim started this petition to K-Pop Community and

Look, the Korean Entertainment Industry is not accepting of the LGBT+ community. I believe that all people, no matter their race, gender, country, or social status, should be able to feel okay with their sexuality. And have a community that supports them too.
There has only been a few brave souls in South Korea that have come out as LGBT+. Including Holland, a gay solo K-Pop Artist, Movie director Kim Jho Gwang-soo and his long-time partner Kim Seung-hwan, and several others.
This is unacceptable. A report showed that there are over 40 K-Pop Idols ALONE that haven't come out, but only 1 man is openly gay and still successfully doing what he loves, which is music. That is not fair to the idol, or to the public. Holland, for example, when he announced his sexuality and debuted, it inspired hundreds of LGBT students and adults to come out of the closet. They saw his strength and knew they could do that too. So what would happen if even just one high-profile idol came out? What if all 40 came out?
I understand that the previous generation was raised to believe that homosexuality is wrong, but Korea's youngest generation can be brought up better. We need to accept everyone. Hate can't solve everything. In fact, it only makes things worse. In South Korea, a majority of people are Christian, and this petition is not a strike against their faith, as I myself am a Christian. And many of them hate the gay community. Even though we ARE TAUGHT TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR! It says nothing about hating, because we are all sinners. You can't hate someone for loving someone else. Right now the LGBT and Christian communities in the Republic of Korea, either hate each other, or couldn't care less about the other's existence. As a believer in God, I am ashamed and disappointed in the actions of my brothers and sisters in the church of Korea. I apologize in place of them. They are stubborn and stuck in their hate.
Getting back on track, Korean actors, idols, and everyone else of any status, are humans too. They deserve to love and be loved. No matter what gender they are or what gender they prefer. Those who support LGBT, but aren't LGBT themselves, are called allies. And they deserve respect also. Why should someone get hurt or insulted for supporting others? If someone is happy with who they love, shouldn't we be happy for them?
I recently got some pleasing news. The K-Pop Company, BigHit Entertainment, has started to allow transgender people to tryout to become a trainee. The same company allowed a song promoting love while disregarding gender was produced by one of their producers. It's good to see at least one company moving forward. I'm proud of them. Other companies, get on their level.
I know this petition won't reach everyone, but please if you love, then show your support and get this message to anyone. It doesn't take a lot of effort to change someone's life. From someone to that gay kid who gets bullied at school, to someone as big as a member from BTS or EXO or NCT.
Thank you.

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